Risk Management

Risk management should be the cornerstone of your insurance program. We believe that there are three essentials for any person to consider in buying the proper insurance:

There are three main methods of handling the various exposures that you face:

 Assuming the Risk Yourself  
This method can only be chosen after you measure what financial impact a loss would create for you. When the possible severity of loss is great, the risk should be transferred. When the possible severity of the loss is small, assume the risk. Losses above a certain amount would be insured. Losses below that amount would be handled by you.

 Reducing the Risk  
This method involves a loss prevention program. When likelihood of loss is high, reduction through loss prevention techniques is the best way to deal with the exposure. An established program can aid in reducing premiums paid by reducing losses.

 Transferring the Risk  
This method allows you to transfer the risk to an insurance company or another party. When the possible severity of loss is great the risk should be transferred.

We would be glad to assist you at any time in evaluating your exposures and establishing your risk management policy and program.



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